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STREAM Physician Resilience Program


The ESPN will unveil a comprehensive physician resilience training program for practitioners and trainees starting at this ESPN 2023 Congress at Vilnius. The STREAM (Sustaining and Training for Resilience, Engagement and Meaning has now been experienced by over 150 professionals in the US, with wide acclaim and is expanding to a total of 10 children’s hospital in the US in 2023.

We have the pleasure to be able to host this blended curriculum that focuses on development of resilience skills this year. The first session will be held in-person in Vilnius and the other four sessions will be held as live webinars.

  • Introduction Session (live in Vilnius) October 1, 2023: 7-7:30 am EEST (CET +1) 
    STREAM: a program for sustaining and training for resilience, engagement and meaning
  • Session 1 (virtual) October 24, 2023: 6-7pm CET
    Strive to Thrive: Optimizing Your Well-Being
  • Session 2 (virtual) November 21, 2023: 6-7pm CET
    Engagement with Peers to Improve Systems
  • Session 3 (virtual) January 23, 2024: 6-7pm CET
    Resilience: Flourishing in Your Life
  • Session 4 (virtual) February 20, 2024: 6-7pm CET
    Connecting with Your Joy and Meaning in Medicine

Participants who complete all 4 sessions will earn a STREAM Training Certificate and, more importantly, be able to identify and implement multiple methods to improve their and their colleagues’ wellbeing and career satisfaction.

This multi-dimensional STREAM curriculum includes components related to 1) Optimizing Your Well-Being, 2) Professional Resilience, 3) Engaging with Peers in Systems Improvement, and 4) Joy and Meaning in Work. John D Mahan, MD is Director of this program, developed by a team of experts in physician wellness, and will conduct these sessions for ESPN.

Please view the STREAM website and watch STREAM’s program-related videos:

Please register for the STREAM training program through the following link:

You will be asked to submit your birthdate and the last 4 digits of your ESPN membership profile (Instead of using a social security #, which is how it is listed on the website) during registration – this information is not stored on the website but is used to provide each individual a unique account. In the Institution/Organization tab, please select ESPN.

ESPN members can see their membership number on the membership payment receipt or ask the ESPN secretary at
Once you register, the webinar links will be sent to you.

Please note that only members in a good standing will have access.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need help in the process.

John D Mahan, MD

Julie Young PhD (STREAM Project Manager)